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We ask that everyone who uses our website to follow and respect all of our rules.

Warnings or in some cases a complete ban can and will be given to anyone found to have broken any.


#1 General Community
General rules which apply to all parts of ABC Gamez4U

1) Threatning or abusive behavior toward other members is never tolerated or allowed.
2) Racist or any other 'offensive' material is not allowed.
3) Keep your posts and messages clean. This is a family friendly community.
4) Posting links to illegal, piracy, pornography or any other similar content is not allowed.
5) Do not post links to your own personal website in our forums. If you wish to advertise via our affiliates please contact an admin.
6) While we believe people are entitled to their opinions, please refrain from voicing these to an extent which turns it into an argument.

7) Multiple accounts not allowed (unless permission has been given).

#2 Profile and Messaging

1) Do not post any external links in your signature. Links to pages within abcgamez4u.co.uk are allowed.

2) Do not use images in your signature or profile picture that would relate to anything that is not allowed in section #1

3) Only use images that are either your own or you have permission to use within your profile picture or signature.
4) Only ever input your own details to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile fields.
5) Keep your 'About Me' and 'Hobbies' sections clean and make sure they comply with section #1.
6) You may include a link to your own website in the 'Your Website URL' field as long as it complies with section #1.

7) While using the private messaging system, remember that all of section #1 still applies.

Remember that even though these are private messages,

The content of these messages can be retrieved should anything that is deemed rule-breaking, illegal or offensive be reported.

#3 Shoutbox

1) As you'd expect, all of the rules from #1 apply while using our shoutbox.

2) Links to any external websites (outside of abcgamez4u.co.uk) are not allowed in the shoutbox.

3) Refrain from posting images in the shoutbox, and do not post an excessive amount of emoticons.

#4 Arcade and Games

1) Cheating, using exploits or hacking is strictly not allowed.
2) All rules from section #1 apply when using the game comment system.
4) Do not "target" other members. By this we mean going through a certain members rankings to take score, after score, after score from them. See below for more info.
5) On this site we like to give everyone a chance to get the number one spot, therefore even if you get to the top again you will not be added to the arcade top list twice in a row.


"Targeting Information"
The maximum limit for taking an individual member's high scores in a 24 hour period is 5.
If more are taken, this is considered and will be treated as "arcade targetting".
This means, the total amount (including high scores you take back from that member) is no more than 5 per day.


Please note that games that are a part of any current 'Challenges' are exempt from this rule, and do not count towards targeting.


#5 Gamer Points, Shop and Trophies

If found to be exploiting the system on purpose to gain Gamer Points your account balance will be reset to zero.
If you happen to play a game which boosts your balance to more than 100 Gamer Points per play, please report it. Your balance will be adjusted accordingly.



Breaking any of our rules could mean that you receive warning points which can cause you to be temporarily suspended / or banned.

Please read more about this here.

Remember, we are a free-to-use and family friendly community,

All we ask is that everyones complies with our rules, behaves, respects other users and other than that -

Have fun!

Rules were last updated: 21/09/18