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Welcome to the Arcade, Guest
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Please make sure you have read and follow any rules associated with the Arcade before playing.

The maximum limit for taking an individual member's high scores in a 24 hour period is 5.
If more are taken, this is considered and will be treated as "arcade targetting", which is against our rules.
This means, the total amount (including high scores you take back from that member) is no more than 5 per day.

Note that the targetting rule does not apply to any games that are present in current Arcade Challenges.

If games do not load for you, make sure you have Flash enabled and have allowed it to run in your browser. More information.

Newest Games

Mahjong 3D Deep Well H5
Mahjong 3D 5 Five Pyramids H5
Mahjong 3D Orbital H5
Mahjong 3D Namida H5
Mahjong 3D Checkers H5
Mahjong 3D Classic Style H5
Mahjong 3D Chess Bishop H5
Mahjong 3D Chess Pawn H5
Ski Rush
Mahjong 3D 5 Pyramids H5
Mahjong 3D Pyramid H5
Mahjong 3D Bridging H5
Mahjong 3D Cat And Mouse H5
Mahjong 3D 4 Wind Dong H5
Mahjong 3D Ceremonial H5
Mahjong 3D Balance H5
Mahjong 3D Abstract H5
Mahjong 3D 4 Wind Beil H5
Mahjong 3D Bizarre H5
Mahjong 3D 8 Pyramids H5

High Score Champions

Tulip with 186 Crowns

Niskie with 180 Crowns

sam with 139 Crowns

Game of the Day

The Motleys
The Motleys

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with a score of 22,240 on Today, 05:07 PM

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Played 27 Times

Newest Champions

28 minutes ago Horus scored 317 points playing Admin Slots v32
45 minutes ago esmeey scored 36,575 points playing Mah Jongg Dimensions
Today, 05:30 PM esmeey scored 64,120 points playing Cupid`s Crush
Today, 05:09 PM rbrown60 scored 11,390 points playing Zodiac Slots
Today, 05:07 PM elda scored 22,240 points playing The Motleys

Latest Scores

28 minutes ago Horus scored 317 points playing Admin Slots v32
43 minutes ago Tulip scored 57,810 points playing Cupid`s Crush
45 minutes ago esmeey scored 36,575 points playing Mah Jongg Dimensions
57 minutes ago sam scored 2,542 points playing 10x10 Hawaii
Today, 05:30 PM esmeey scored 64,120 points playing Cupid`s Crush

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Block Monsters 1010 

elda With 1,625 Score

Garden Tales Level 10 

Tulip With 3,702 Score

Garden Tales Level 09 

Garden Tales Level 08 

Garden Tales Level 06 

Tulip With 3,980 Score

Garden Tales Level 07 

Tulip With 3,214 Score

Garden Tales Level 05 

Garden Tales Level 04 

Garden Tales 

elda With 3,686 Score

Garden Tales Level 03 

Tulip With 6,300 Score

Garden Tales level 02 

Tulip With 4,706 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 19 

elda With 4,004 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 15 

Tulip With 6,664 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 14 

opa unger With 5,394 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 18 

Tulip With 7,550 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 17 

opa unger With 4,280 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 20 1 

opa unger With 5,850 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level3 1 

Tulip With 6,490 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 12 

opa unger With 5,206 Score

Aqua Blitz-2 level 11 

elda With 4,826 Score